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ESG is not an alternative, but a prerequisite when investing in the critical metals supply chains.




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Investing in commodities and in the critical metals supply chains can be challenging. Technical risks of mining or exploration projects have to be understood as well as ESG disclosures when mentioned.


We are here to lighten the load off your shoulders, to bring some insights about ESG impacts assessment, metal trends and raw materials sector evolution.   

 ethore has accumulated since year 2003 a valuable experience in shaping portfolio and as Investment Adviser to several investment funds authorized by FINMA. 


Our first priority is always the interests of clients, in providing solutions, innovative concepts, while paying attention to adaptability to needs. Since 2003, we have been serving loyal clients in Zürich and Geneva areas.

ethore SA is member of the Swiss Geological Society and Sustainable Finance Geneva


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The responsible investment approach taken by ethore SA in the mining sector aims to provide analysis and relevant advises to enhance investment decisions in companies that have ethical and sustainable development approach.

According to Morningstar Sustainability Rating methodology, 67% of a portfolio's assets under management must have a company ESG Risk Rating to receive a portfolio sustainability score.

ethore Risk Rating cover the universe of small and micro-cap with its eRR methodology.

ethore work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.  



Do you have received an investment proposal into the mining sector though private equities or an investment fund ? You like the theme and you understand that critical metals can not be uncorrelated from wind turbines, solar panels, e-cars, efficient alloys and related technologies for de-carbonation.

Your investment decisions can impact the future of supply chains transparency and participate to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Since founding my business and with my background, I have experienced many externalities and I find that solutions exist to accelerate the raw material supply chain transformation towards a sustainable functioning.
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Critical raw material are feeding new & green technologies. Today, supply chains transparency are oem’s prerequisite.


Since 2005 ethore has developed its knowledge about critical  metals and rare earth elements supply chains. We have written several articles in the Press (AGEFI, F&W, etc...) and made public presentations (RTS1 19h30 appearance). 

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