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We provide solutions  to adopt a responsible ESG-SDG approach and we qualify projects and investment opportunities

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Committed for 2030

At ethore, we have always been obsessed by developing an ethical approach when advising to invest in stocks. Especially when it concerns the critical metals and rare earths value chains.
Today,  Ethore's expertise and capabilities bring solutions to adopt a responsible ESG-SDG approach and to set up sustainable development action plans. 
We qualify projects and investment opportunities according to ESG-SDG disclosures and strategies.

Our core business is data analysis, risk analysis and impact assessment to foster responsible engagements.

Our goal is to break the status quo and foster willingness for change.

Our mandates


Portfolios& Stocks
 ESG Qualification

Critical Metals Investing

External and independant Advisory

We proactively develop with you a portfolio including securities which respond to strategic objectives and responsible investment guidelines.



Agenda 2030

External Advisory

Implementation of a Sustainable Development Action Plan in order to adopt and achieve sustainable objectives by 2030


Our Mission:

  • To build trust by offering independent advisory to clients seeking Responsible Investment or willing to adopt a sustainable development approach.

  • Promote and communicate sustainable finance in our business sector.

  • ​Committed to exercise vigilance in securities we select regarding sustainable development.

  • Constantly improving our services to provide clients with the benefit of our technical expertise and our cumulated experiences.

  • Communicating  the necessity of integrating the concept of sustainable development.

  • Continuing to Innovate in a "three dimensions-long-term-approach"

Our Values:


Responsible Investment Advisory

The responsible investment approach taken by ethore SA aims to provide analysis and relevant advises to enhance investment decisions in companies that have ethical and sustainable development approach.

ethore Risk Rating cover the universe of small and micro-cap with its eRR methodology (GRI and SDGs integrated).

ethore works collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.  

Our positioning reflects our concern for quality, responsibility, innovation and performance.

We have cutting-edge analytical and conceptual expertise.  

Today we are committed to incorporating into portfolios only companies selected according to investment guidelines and which include recognized ESG standards and are likely to meet UNSDG's.

We measure their progress and transparently communicate their results.



Our clients need valuable and independent advisory.


Ethore track record has proven just how committed we are to their success.

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Responsible Investing

Critical metals play a strategic role into technologies which can reduce CO2 emissions. 

Green technologies supply chains are demanding of critical metals. Behind final products of key sectors, we find specific supply chains and companies aiming to provide the seeking competitive advantages to OEM’s without compromising sustainable development goals.


ethore SA is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis, and elaborating sustainable approach (Agenda 2030).

ethore SA is a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). Certified in sustainable finance and specialist in company analyses, we are able to promote the sustainable development approach and facilitate the identification of key indicators to monitor the SDGs.

ethore SA is also a company that is renowned for its ethics in advising and for its scientific and multidisciplinary approach.

We are familiar with the standards and guidelines GRI, CDP, SASB, UN SDG, OECD, TCFD, TNFD, PRI,

The Framework
Created in 2003 by Laurent Krull ethore SA (formerly LKConsult) has gained reputation in providing investment advisory and auditing mining projects worldwide.

30 years of international expertise in mineral projects, projects management and Investment advisory. 

Mandated as independent technical adviser and buy-side analyst for several investment funds focused on the mineral sector (Gold, PGM, Base Metals, Minor Metals and Rare Earth Elements).

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, combined with scientific and market monitoring, our analyzes have made it possible to structure highly competitive securities portfolios in the metals sector and their value chains.

In 2020, the European taxonomy has defined the ESG criteria linked to the development of a sustainable economy which made it possible to change our risk parameters and to include the objectives of sustainable development.

This evolution within our company was completed by a certification in sustainable finance and recently by becoming a signatory to the principles of responsible investment (UNPRI).

Ethore is the contraction of 'ethical Ore'. In the past, the approach was not always understood, whether at the level of market surveillance authorities or investors. Short-termism and the chase for good opportunities sometimes do not fit with ethics. 
Nevertheless we are here to disrupt old habits and enable any investor to get more insights towards responsible investing.

Today the financial world is facing a profound change in these ESG reporting and management habits.

ethore SA has evolved through its risk management approach to responsible investment advisory. 

Today, Ethore SA is engaged in an ethical and responsible approach in advising for sustainable and responsible investment.

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