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"Don't find yourself alone in this rapidly changing environment where financial market players and operators must comply with ESG regulations.  We are here to analyse, to report and to monitor ESG risks factors. We bring solutions to adopt a Responsible investment strategy."

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Certified in Sustainable Finance

Our core business:

Our core business is data analysis, risk analysis and impact assessment to foster responsible investment.

Our goal is to apply a methodical but active approach inspired by best practices generating measurable results for responsible investment.

Our Responsible Investment advisory approach supports the goals of the SFDR and the wider EU Action Plan.

Analytically, we favor the use of GRI standards and the measurement of the Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).


Our propietary eMetals® ESG Digital Platform integrates ESG factors in the research, analysis and selection process of securities.

We also discriminate between investment portfolios according to Articles 6, 8 and 9 of the SFDR.

  • To build trust by offering independent advisory to clients seeking Responsible Investment.

  • Promote and communicate sustainable finance in our business sector.

Our Mission:

  • Committed to exercise vigilance in securities we select regarding sustainable development.

  • Constantly improving our services to provide clients with the benefit of our technical expertise and our cumulated experiences.

  • Communicating  the necessity of integrating the concept of sustainable development notably in the financing of mining and exploration  projects  (upstream of supply chains).​

  • Continuing to Innovate in a "three dimensions-long-term-approach"

Our Values:


Consulting with Purpose

Do Better:

We are here for helping you answering theses questions:


How can I evaluate companies, securities or an investment fund in order to define which one is investable in terms of ESG compliance?


How do companies actually operate when it comes to their ESG disclosures?


We are also here to lighten the load off your shoulders, to bring some insights about ESG impacts assessment.


In commodities and in critical metals value chains risk assessment can be challenging. Technical risks impacting the upstream supply chains as mining or exploration projects have to be understood as well as ESG disclosures when mentioned.

ethore has accumulated since year 2003 a valuable experience in shaping portfolio and as Investment Adviser to several investment funds authorized by FINMA. 


Our first priority is always the interests of clients, in providing solutions, innovative concepts, while paying attention to adaptability to needs.

ethore SA is member of the Swiss Geological Society and Sustainable Finance Geneva

How ?



The responsible investment approach taken by ethore SA aims to provide analysis and relevant advises to enhance investment decisions in companies that have ethical and sustainable development approach.

ethore Risk Rating cover the universe of small and micro-cap with its eRR methodology (GRI and SDGs integrated).

ethore works collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.  



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