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The Full Story


  • Created in 2003 by Laurent Krull ethore SA (formerly LKConsult) has gained reputation in co-founding and promoting special niche funds, as well as providing investment advisory. 

  •  20 years of international expertise in mineral projects, projects management and Investment advisory.

  •  Mandated as independent technical adviser and buy-side analyst for several investment funds focused on the mineral sector (Gold, PGM, Base Metals, Minor and Rare Metals).

  •  Proven track record and success stories, thanks to a team work along the career, and to a worldwide geologists network.

  •  Data and Knowledge management is completed by risk assessment software and GIS database.

  • ethore SA has evolved through its risk management approach to responsible investment. 

  •  Today, Ethore SA is engaged in an ethical and responsible approach in advising for sustainable and responsible investment.

Our People

Laurent Krull

Managing Director-Investment Advisor

Certificate of Advanced Studied in Sustainable Finance (HEG)
MSc Senior Geologist (UNIL)

Postgraduated in Project Management (HEG)

Technical adviser to Investment Funds
Former Anglo American Project Manager (Gold, Base Metals)


Dr. Guy Della Valle

Technical Advisor)


43-101 competent person

PhD, Senior Geologist (UNIL)
APGO (Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario) Member.

30 years experience worldwide as Project Geologist, Project Manager and Consulting Geologist


Our Network

Network composed by geologists and geoscientists around the world.

Their inputs are very useful to better assess risks/impacts.

Europe (2)
West Africa (3)

Brazil (1)
Canada (2)
Australia (2)
Philippines (1)


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