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ESG Guidance

The Millau Viaduct in France was build using steel with  .025% Nb (Niobium), which reduced the weight of the steel and concrete by 60%

investment advisory 

Your Strategic Partner

We can meet and hopefully exceed your expectations, by offering our specialized advisory services which aim to fit your specific needs in responsible investment within critical metals* value chains.

* Critical metals are part of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) which is a selection of materials of economic importance, facing a supply risk and having a lack of substitutes.


A support to strengthen your investment decision


Become a stakeholder in Critical Metals Supply Chains


Expert Guidance


Our clients need valuable and independent advisory. Ethore track record has proven just how committed we are to their success.

Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about our successful experience as investment advisor.


Critical metals and their strategic roles into technologies which can reduce CO2 emissions. 

Green technologies supply chains are demanding of critical metals. Behind final products of key sectors, we find specific supply chains and companies aiming to provide the seeking competitive advantages to OEM’s without compromising sustainable development goals.


An opportunity now exists for Responsible Investors to positively influence behavior in the mining sector and to improve sustainability performance.


This can be done thanks to our SRI approach backed by a proprietary business intelligence.

Moreover, ethore Risk Rating covers the universe of small and micro-cap with its eRR methodology (GRI standards and SDGs integrated).

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