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Expert Guidance


The ESG approach to the value chain is essential.
The modern world will not deviate from technological needs useful for energy transition, electric mobility or the development of efficient and energy-saving materials.

The transparency of the supply chain and the permanent control of raw material sourcing and their processing circuits will be developed on a larger scale and will affect the mining sector. It is not excluded that exploration projects could be limited to zones of tolerance circumscribed along historic mining and metalliferous zones, the extension of which could be favored underground.

Materials science has evolved and multidisciplinary research is now making it possible to reduce the levels of critical metals useful to overcome any shortage of these components. On the other hand, the life cycle of metals and their retention rate at national scales are now increasingly important for considering efficient and economical recycling.

The investment universe will therefore focus on companies that fall under this responsibility scheme for the development of projects whose contribution remains adapted to technological developments and to the life cycle prospects of metals while complying with reducing their impacts according to the sustainable objectives (SDG) of the United Nation.

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