BASF and Eramet for nickel-cobalt batteries?

Updated: Jan 31

BASF and Eramet study the feasibility of nickel-cobalt production for electric batteries

BASF and Eramet have signed an agreement to jointly assess the development of a state-of-the-art nickel and cobalt hydrometallurgical refining complex. Such a development would include a High-Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) plant and a Base Metal Refinery (BMR).




The news denotes the ever greater rapprochement within supply chains dealing with critical metals. In the future, will we see vertically integrated companies with end-to-end control of battery manufacturing?

In all cases, we are moving towards structures that promote transparency in logistics and production chains.

Eramet strategy fit perfectly with the future requirement of transparent supply chains. On last December 5th Eramet announced: "Capgemini Invent and Eramet selected as winners of the "Data & Technology" award in the "Syntec Conseil 2020 Grand Prix"

In this collaboration, the use of several technologies to capture data from the mining and metallurgical activities aim to optimize processes and improve controls. Artificial intelligence is used for productivity purposes but also for risks prediction.

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