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Acid rivers flowing from an industrial copper mine pollute the environment. Orange soil is

Do think longer term
Do not Harm
Do better

Get an ESG policy
Get progress

Act as a stakeholder and participate to the solution



Our responsible approach:


Today, we must act and engage ourselves when considering the rising of major challenges such as the integration of sustainable finance, climate change, resource scarcity, digital transformation, fast urbanisation, the changing in economic landscape, demographics and social changes. 

Backed by our areas of expertise in critical metals, we promote the financing of long-term solutions such as innovative technologies and transparent supply chains with the view to rethink our current linear economic model promoting circular economy and accelerating the shift to a low carbon and resource-efficient economy.
Participating in ethical and transparent supply chains are a priority to impact positively on climat and consumers habits. It might disrupt the traditional supply/demand concept based on short term strategies; however it will bring new opportunities linked to innovations and sustainable finance.  
To afford such ambitions, Innovation communities are promised to develop. Innovative and sustainable products, processes, and services, as well as skilled people will constitute these elements which will lead us towards a circular economy.

Our Six Pillars that support our investment advisory philosophy

1.    We take a long-term view
2.    We conduct a proactive approach in ESG-SDG 
3.    We align our goals

4.    We act transparently

5.    We have a positive impact on our business sector

6.    We are an informed Investors' Adviser

Our vision: 


Our ESG engagement approach aims to bend the flow of capital towards sustainable solutions impacting raw materials-energy efficiency supply chains over the long term. In this regard, it envisions to reduce the short termism impacting markets, industries, government’s policies, while unlocking new dynamic and synergies link to transparent and value-added supply chains. 
Today the world has committed to succeed with Energy transition. Simultaneously the 'commodity transition' has started. The role and the types of metals feeding our energy for the future requires a new and responsible investment strategy which aim also to contribute to the integrity of financial markets.
From raw material to final product, the aim will be to control CO2 emissions, transparency and ESG impacts along the value chain, while tending towards increasingly short and sustainable circuits, reducing the need for primary resources.
The trading companies will be either the stakeholders in sustainable objectives, becoming the privileged intermediaries negotiating shared value, or will banned from end users' manufacturing requirements.

ethore wants to mobilize such long-term finance to influence supply chains requiring critical raw materials for energy transition and decarbonation. 
The fundamentals behind such investment plan are to favour sustainable solutions, but also supporting innovative technologies, energy efficient products, circular economy, while participating to education and entrepreneurship (self-governance) in communities exposed to mining or raw materials sourcing. 
Globally the Raw material supply risks have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. To overcome this, the approach of OEMs is to develop more efficient supply chains and to prefer materials with an increased life cycle by recycling or reconditioning (Closed-Loop supply chain).

European investments are now moving in this direction, and the potential for growth in all the new players in these sustainable supply chains is extremely promising in terms of performance.

“There is only a small group of companies that look beyond the cross-off boxes on the self-assessment of suppliers and have an eye for improving conditions. This really needs to change, especially in light of the upcoming European ESG legislation in which companies will become responsible for all practices in their supply chain,” 

Researcher Mart van Kuijk of VBDO.

Publication: AGM engagement report - Setting the pace 30/06/2021

Our Responsible Investment Charter: 

The backbone of any sustainable and Responsible Investment ambition.


We believe ethical and transparent supply chains are also a priority to disrupt the traditional supply/demand concept based on short term strategies and their speculative considerations. All initiatives in that direction and its active communication will impact on the mindset of consumers and shareholders.


To afford such ambitions, Innovation Communities are promised to develop. Innovative and sustainable products, processes, and services, as well as skilled people will constitute these elements which will lead us towards a circular economy.

Later was a luxury of previous generations
Thomas Friedman* , Energy tech revolution,  2009

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