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Strengthen your RI approach

RI Advisory 

Responsible Investment Advisory

Our positioning reflects our concern for quality, responsibility, innovation and performance.

We have cutting-edge analytical and conceptual expertise. We serve investors interested in critical metals* and the mining sector in compliance with ESG reporting rules and sustainable development criteria.

To serve you, we have developed a responsible, innovative risk rating (eRR) methodology in order to discriminate against small caps that do not appear on the radar screens of the major 'ESG rating' players.

During the existence of ethore SA (previously LKConsult) we have built diversified metal portfolios according to technical risk and responsible investment criteria.

Today we are committed to incorporating into portfolios only companies selected according to investment guidelines and which include recognized ESG standards and are likely to meet UNSDG's. We measure their progress and transparently communicate their results.

* Critical metals are part of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) which is a selection of materials of economic importance, facing a supply risk and having a lack of substitutes.

ESG Guidance

We can assist you to build your sustainability approach and to understand the new ESG disclosures requirements.


Relying only on ESG rating organisations does not validate a responsible approach if it is disconnected from in house sustainable objectives in connection with a coherent investment policy.  

Independent Advisory

Our clients need valuable and independent advisory.  Ethore track record has proven just how committed we are to their success.​Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about our successful experience as advisor.

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