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"Today we are committed to incorporating into portfolios only companies that include recognized ESG standards and are likely to meet their SDG's."


Risk Return Impact

ethore SA is a Swiss advisory company. 

Ethore SA is a consulting firm specializing in ESG data analysis and disclosures. Ethore SA is a signatory of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). Certified in sustainable finance and specialist in company analyses, we are able to promote the sustainable development approach and facilitate the identification of key indicators to monitor the SDGs.

Ethore SA is also a company that is renowned for its ethics in its advice and its scientific and multidisciplinary approach in its analyses.
We are familiar with the standards and directives GRI, CDP, SASB, UN SDG, OECD, TCFD, TNFD, PRI, …

ESG-Risk-Impact focused, we provide a three dimensions investment advisory approach across critical metals value chains.

Analyzing Data

Our Story

The Framework


Created in 2003 by Laurent Krull ethore SA (formerly LKConsult) has gained reputation in co-founding and promoting special niche funds, as well as providing investment advisory. 

30 years of international expertise in mineral projects, projects management and Investment advisory. 

Mandated as independent technical adviser and buy-side analyst for several investment funds focused on the mineral sector (Gold, PGM, Base Metals, Minor Metals and Rare Earth Elements).

Proven track record and success stories, thanks to a team work along the career, and to a worldwide geologists network.

Data and Knowledge management is completed by risk assessment software and GIS/ESG database.

How an expertise can evolve?

We have traveled  to all continents, visited many projects, attended many conferences, meetings or forums in the metal sector. These all are part of investigation and risk assessment work which has led us to provide the financial world with state-of-the-art scientific expertise.

¨A matter of risk management and ethics then came ESG"

Technical, environmental and societal risks have always been included in each estimate of the development potential of companies we analyzed.
The integration of the investment risk is done on the basis of different evaluation and modeling which depend on the level of development of the projects and the companies.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, combined with scientific and market monitoring, our analyzes have made it possible to structure highly competitive securities portfolios in the metals sector and their value chains.

In 2020, the European taxonomy has defined the ESG criteria linked to the development of a sustainable economy which made it possible to change our risk parameters and to include the objectives of sustainable development.

This evolution within our company was completed by a certification in sustainable finance and recently by becoming a signatory to the principles of responsible investment (UNPRI).

Ethore is the contraction of 'ethical Ore'. In the past, the approach was not always understood, whether at the level of market surveillance authorities or investors. Short-termism and the chase for good opportunities sometimes do not fit with ethics. 

Nevertheless we are here to disrupt old habits and enable any investor to get more insights towards responsible investing.

Today the financial world is facing a profound change in these ESG reporting and management habits; are you part of this change for the better?


ethore SA has evolved through its risk management approach to responsible investment advisory. 

Today, Ethore SA is engaged in an ethical and responsible approach in advising for sustainable and responsible investment.

Our People

Pencil Sharpener

Dr. Guy Della Valle


43-101 competent person

PhD, Senior Geologist (UNIL)

APGO (Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario) Member.

30 years experience worldwide as Project Geologist, Project Manager and Consulting Geologist

Laurent Krull

  • LinkedIn

Founder and Managing Director, Consultant & Advisor  Sustainability Strategist

Certificate of Advanced Studied in Sustainable Finance (HEG)

Postgraduated in Project Management (HEG)

MSc Senior Geologist (UNIL)

PRI service Provider signatory

Old Globe

Our Network

A network composed by geologists and geoscientists around the world.


Their inputs are very useful to better assess risks/impacts.

  • Europe (2)

  • West Africa (3)

  • Brazil (1)

  • Canada (2)

  • Australia (2)

  • Philippines (1)

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