GRI is working on new sustainability standard for mining

As it was announced in September 2021, mining is the next sector for which GRI is developing a reporting standard. It is proposed that the Sector Standard is titled ‘GRI 14: Mining Sector 20XX’ (but subject to change).

As described in the project proposal (GRI Sector Standards Project for Mining), the scope is limited to extractive activities and the processing stages that are closely associated with the extraction. Further processing, such as steel makers and metal recyclers will be subject of another Sector Standard.

The Sector Standard for Mining will be developed during 2022-23, including a global public comment period.


We, at ethore, closely follow all the developments of the GRI.

Since year 2018, Ethore has integrated in its eRR (ethore Risk Rsting) methodology the GRI standard reporting and related disclosures. Ethore team analyses 228 indicators, including 122 relating to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criterias; where 88 risks relate to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and 62 to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

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