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Rio Tinto internal report revealing a culture of bullying, harassment and racism

According to Reuters' article published on last February 1, 2022; Rio Tinto own investiguation 'outlined a culture of bullying, harassment and racism at their organisation, including 21 complaints of actual or attempted rape or sexual assault over the past five years.'

This report resulting from an internal investigation tends to reveal a worrying situation which from my point of view concerns a large part of the mining sector.

The objective of reducing inequalities within an organization requires the implementation of prevention processes ranging from communication to education or training to the establishment of an effective alert system.

The culture of the group and the integration of all are the necessary and minimal conditions to benefit from the entire workforces, wehre creativity is generated by diversity.

'The report found nearly 30% women and about 7% of men have experienced sexual harassment at work, with 21 women reporting actual or attempted rape or sexual assault.'

Nearly 80% of Rio Tinto's workforce is male.

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